Freshly made, cruelty-free and natural.

A multi award-winning range of skincare, freshly made in the UK using the most innovative, effective ingredients that nature has to offer.

Express Tropic GLOW Facial

Lie back and let us cleanse, treat and moisturise your worries away.

Perfect for all skin types.

Time 30 mins


Radiance Deluxe Tropic Facial

Awaken the health and vitality of the skin with this refreshing facial. The treatment begins with a cleansing and exfoliation ritual, followed by a soothing and relaxing massage to the face, neck and shoulders with light natural oils to nourish and balance, then we tailor a booster vitamin mask to your skin concerns whilst carrying out a scrumptious hand massage.

Time 60 mins


Back LOVE Scrub and Rub

Experience the beautiful moment of relaxation as your back is cleansed with warm aromatherapy mitts, treated with Tropics founding revitalising body exfoliator, with nourishing oils and mineral-rich sea salts that effectively buff away dead skin cells smooth and soften. Following with a nutrient loaded heavenly moisturising oil rub.

This treatment promotes fresh, glowing skin all over this area which is very rarely pampered.

Time 30 mins


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